OnRobot RG2_FT gripper



The RG2-FT is a high-tech gripper with added sensing and intelligence. It enables real collaboration with the operator, providing support similar to that of a real colleague. Fitting operations can be performed faster and more accurately. For example, the gripper can easily insert needles, which would be difficult for humans. Thanks to advanced sensor technology, during assembly, the gripper allows the robot to sense whether the workpiece has been correctly installed. The RG2-FT offers high productivity and fast installation, so much less time is needed for commissioning and integration.

  • 6-axis force/torque sensor built into the gripper fingertips
  • Proximity sensor built into the fingertips - the gripper sees when something is being held out and knows when to let go
  • A true collaborative partner for staff
  • Finds the position of the workpiece even if it is not positioned exactly in front of it
  • Integrated force-driven driver software
  • Easy installation and programming even for complex tasks
  • Greater handling accuracy

Possible areas of application:


  • Packing, palletising
  • Recording & depositing
  • Machine service
  • Assembly


Can be used on the following products:


  • Plastic
  • metal
  • packaging materials
  • fa
  • fragile objects
  • Proximity sensor built into the fingertips

    With easy-to-program sensing, the robot acts like a third arm of the operator, handling the workpiece like a human colleague

  • An intelligent gripper that sees and feels

    Accurate detection increases production quality by reducing the error rate by up to 60%.


OnRobot RG2-FT Gripper

RG2-FT - the first catcher in the world with built-in intelligence and detection capability. Advanced technology for collaborative applications.