CeraPUR closed cell polyurethane foam sealing

CeraPUR is a closed-cell material and therefore an excellent moisture, dust and noise insulator. These physically foamed polyurethanes also have excellent elasticity and bonding performance and are much easier and more economical to handle than two-component chemically foamed materials. The materials are CeraFlow dosing systemwe recommend. With this machine, any pattern feeding, even complex ones, is possible.

  • One component, physically foamed polyurethane no pot life measurement, rinsing and test dosing required
  • Closed cell foam construction for excellent moisture protection
  • Excellent noise protection
  • Vibration absorption
  • Extremely tight and flexible seal
  • Optional properties thanks to variable air - polyurethane ratio
  • Fast setting time up to 2 minutes
  • UL certification
  • CeraFlow can be dosed by system
  • Curing solved CeraTherm in ovens
  • Closed cell foam structure

    Ideal insulation properties combined with flexibility.

  • CeraPUR

    Excellent mechanical properties

  • CeraFlow

    Dispensing system for CeraPUR material

  • Automotive applications

    Protection against moisture, dust, noise and vibration


Ceracon seal dosing

Ceracon's Ceraflow system ensures the dispensing of homogeneous closed cell polyurethane foam in the right quantity, whatever the complex dispensing pattern.