ceracon foam dispenser

Ceraflow foam filling dispensing systems

Foam filling dispensing systems

Ceracon is the market leader in the dispensing of one-component polyurethane foams. A CeraPUR materials have a closed-cell construction, so they have excellent moisture, dust or even sound insulation performance. And with the CeraFlow dispensing system, any complex contour, up to 3-dimensional, can be dispensed. The system is based on a volumetric principle and the ratio of foam to air can be varied according to the task.

  • Volumetric dispensing system for polyurethane foams
  • Precise bubble homogenisation
  • Variable air-to-fuel ratio
  • 20 litre buckets or 200 litre drums can be connected
  • Low maintenance
  • Industrial robotic dispensing head or product handling to achieve the perfect contour
  • Dou option for continuous material flow
  • Plasma head cleaning to achieve proper adhesion
  • Wage cap available at Ceracon's German factory
  • Curing
  • Approximate dimensions: 1,850 x 900 x 1,925 mm
  • 750 kg
  • Dosing rate 0.15 - 10.0 g/sec.
  • Variable mixing from no foam up to 5 times the volume increase
  • Automated upload

    For complex dispensing patterns, Ceracon also offers complete solutions mounted on an industrial robot.

  • Structure of CeraFLOW

    Volumetric dosing with proper homogenisation

  • CeraPUR polyurethane foam

    Sealing material with excellent moisture, dust, noise and vibration protection

  • Closed cell foam structure

    Ideal insulation properties combined with flexibility.

  • Wage supplements

    Contract manufacturing available at Cerocon's German factory


Automatic foam dispensing

Ceracon's Ceraflow system ensures the dispensing of homogeneous closed cell polyurethane foam in the right quantity, whatever the complex dispensing pattern.