Pick and place and full SMT line solutions - Yamaha


The high technological standards and reliability of the Yamaha brand worldwide are also offered by Yamaha's SMT transplanter business. The manufacturer offers a portfolio of machines with high capacity, speed and flexibility, tailored to the specific needs of our customers. In addition to the equipment, Yamaha of course also provides a complete production support software package, such as Total Solution, a complete in-production solution for its implantation machines, including high-precision stencil printers, AOI and inline X-ray equipment (AXI).


YSM series

The YSM series planters combine speed and planting versatility thanks to high feeder and tray placement and multiple available planting heads. Perfect choice for high capacity up to LED production jobs. With their range of modular units, production freedom can exceed all previous limits.

YS series

This series is the ideal choice for medium capacity manufacturers who want flexibility, quality, reliability and low maintenance. Furthermore, up to 106 fWith up to 15 tray options, up to 15 tray positions and low changeover times, it is perfectly suited to the needs of high diversity production.

Sigma series

Developed in Japan, Hitachi's family of high-speed and versatile placement machines is the ideal solution for high-end, high-volume production. The Sigma range of professional transplanters is characterised by high precision transplanting, short changeover times and brand leading reliability. 

Yamaha software

The Yamaha software package makes production optimisation easier than ever. It is the perfect solution for production planning (P-tool), production support (S-tool), monitoring (M-tool), defect and sub defect tracking (T-tool).

Total line solution

YAMAHA also offers a solution for complete production lines by integrating its planting machines. The manufacturer's portfolio includes equipment for stencil printing (YCP10), glue dispensing (YSD), automatic optical (Ysi-V AOI) or automatic X-ray inspection (Ysi-X AXI), which of course represent the high technological standard of the brand.