Dispensing technology is one of the most challenging and variable process in electronic manufacturing or any assembly. We provide automatic machine for very wide range of applications such gluing, sealing, conformal coating, potting, vacuum potting, greasing, solder paste or thermal interface material dispensing. Our solutions include all level of automation from manual workstation to fully automatic inline dispensing cells.


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Musashi Engineering

SMT Technologies


ELAS can offer total SMT lines including all the process steps from one hand. The core of the line is based on Yamaha technologies and line management softwarewares.


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Board handling and marking- Nutek

Pick and place - Yamaha

Stencil printing - MPM

Reflow soldering - Electrovert

Automatic optical inspection - Yamaha, Mirtec



Soldering has always been the heart of electronic manufacturing. ELAS provides different approaches of soldering such reflow, wave, selective and also vapor phase technology


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Reflow soldering - Electrovert

Wave soldering - Electrovert

Selective soldering - Pillarhouse

Vapor phase soldering- Exmore

Test and inspection


Quality is key question in electronic industry, therefore ELAS focuses on high-end inspection for high resolution X-ray microscopy, optical inspection or in circuit testing.


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Optical inspection (AOI and SPI) - Mirtec, Yamaha

Industrial 2D and 3D CT x-ray - GE Phoenix

Flying probe in circuit - Takaya 

In circuit board tester and programmer - Checksum



We are very proud that in our demo-room, in E-LAB our technologies can be demonstrated from the first hand. Currently we have dispensing robot, selective soldering machine, pick and place mounter, collaborative robot and vapor phase soldering machine available. Moreover a high resolution  GE Phoenix x-ray machine  is ready for any 2D or even 3D x-ray inspection challenges. Important that all machines are available for rental or contract services.


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IPC training

ipc member

ELAS is licensed IPC Training and Certification Center and registered member of the industry standard organization. Our trainers provide specialist (CIS) and trainer (CIT) degree trainings in IPC-A-610, IPC-7711/21 and J-STD-001 standards. Our trainers are ready to hold lectures anywhere in the country at your factory or we are welcome your colleagues in our training center in Budapest.


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