ELAS Ltd. has been offering a full range of sales, service and spare parts services for our manufacturing and test equipment to the electronics and other industries since 1999. Our philosophy is to provide our customers with knowledge and support alongside our high-tech machines. Our team of 24 professionals provides support for our existing equipment and welcomes any professional challenge for new start-up projects.

E-lab, the pride of our showroom, is the GE Phoenix Micromex CT X-ray machine. The machine allows us to offer our partners a high-resolution 2D or even 3D X-ray examination option. We welcome anyone who needs a debugging solution or quality control capability. In addition to Micromex's technical capabilities, we leverage the ELAS team's expertise in electronics product inspection and manufacturing to provide [...]

At ELAS, we also provide close support for the machines we sell, whether it's technical advice, service or spare parts. In addition to equipment support, we also share with our partners our 15 years of experience in industry-advancing processes and technologies, from project implementation advice or technical seminars.

ELAS Ltd., drawing on the extensive experience gained through the leading electronic manufacturing equipment manufacturers it distributes, has always attached great importance to professional training in addition to providing consultancy and manufacturing support in electronic manufacturing technology. Our training courses are basically divided into two main areas, IPC and electronics manufacturing technology courses.

Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity to present the technologies we recommend live and in operation to our partners. That is why we have a lot of equipment available in our demo lab in Budapest so that our partners can try it out in their real applications. We plan to hold high-level technological demonstrations and production technology courses on the demo machines in the ELAS laboratory. We would also like to provide the possibility for certain types of machines [...]