In the manufacture of electronic products, the accurate dispensing of different fluids in precise quantities and positions without errors is a key process. ELAS offers solutions for the full range of applications requiring one or two component materials found in industry, such as potting - even under vacuum, 2D or 3D seal dispensing, greasing, abrasive high temperature paste dispensing, adhesive, selective lacquering or SMT adhesive and solder paste dispensing.

Scheugenpflug - filling, gluing, sealing

The German manufacturer offers complete solutions for the dispensing of one or two-component materials, be it for potting, bonding or 3D seal dispensing under atmospheric conditions or even under vacuum. The manufacturer offers complete benchtop, lean or inline individual dispensing cells in addition to integrable dispensing heads and material preparation units.


Speedline Camalot - Inline SMT bonding and solder paste dispensing

The US manufacturer's high performance inline dispensing cells are an excellent solution for fast and highly accurate dispensing of SMT adhesives or solder pastes.s jet or abrasive-resistant Auger with auger head.


Musashi - dosing small quantities

The Japanese manufacturer's solutions are capable of accurate and repeatable dispensing from nanolitres to several millilitres. Musashi, thanks to its wide range of dispensing heads, can handle a variety of viscosities used in industry.

musashi engineering

Musashi - selective varnishing

For selective lacquering tasks, Musashi develops solutions ranging from a desktop version to a complete inline lacquer to match the required capacity and speed. The equipment is available in dispensing needle (dam and fill), non-contact jet, spray or curtain design dispensing heads.

musashi engineering