ELAS Ltd has been distributing Totech EU equipment and providing technical support since 2007. We offer a wide range of dry cabinets and vacuum packaging equipment for the storage of moisture-sensitive parts. E-LAB-uWe can demonstrate how the technology works and, if there is interest, the demonstration cabinet can be used for testing.


Totech EU has been marketing and supporting ultra-low humidity cabinets using patented Zeolit technology for almost 10 years. The rapid growth is due to the need to monitor failures due to moisture sensitive components (MSDs) as required by European ROHS regulations. Since then, Totech's Super Dry® technology has become the leading MSD treatment solution.

Totech's Super Dry® technology equipment meets the requirements of IPC J-STS-033B.1 for the handling of moisture sensitive components.


Main types:


Low humidity cabinets:

ELAS Ltd. offers a wide range of storage cabinets. The purpose of these drying cabinets is to prevent moisture from contaminating the stored moisture-sensitive components, panels, foils, and even to remove it as much as possible.. A Thanks to the low humidity level provided by Super Dry® technology, the cabinet can dry out the already damp items stored in it without heating!


Key features:


  • Humidity <1°rh
  • Capacity 240-1400 litres
  • Large drying capacity
  • 40°C or 60°C heating
  • Easy to use
  • Options to make treatment easier
  • Expandable capacity, modular design


Vacuum packaging equipment:

In some cases, where moisture-sensitive components are to be protected from moisture in the air during transport or prolonged storage, they should be placed in moisture-proof packaging. Such bags should be hermetically sealed. The perfect solution is a precise and reliable vacuum packer, which can be used to remove the moisture 99% in the packaging before sealing the pouch.


Key features:


  • Handling large rolls of parts and bar stock
  • Double welding rail
  • High performance (can be used for 150 micron pouches)
  • Protective gas refill facility
  • ESD design


The right size and quality of Moisture Barrier Bag, Humidity Indicator Card and Dessicant are essential for safe packaging. ELAS Ltd also supplies these important accessories in a wide range of sizes.


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