ELAS Ltd. has been dealing with and providing technical support for the panel handling and marking equipment distributed in Europe by Nutek Europe BV since 2005. Nutek Europe BV is the official European representative of Nutek Pte Ltd. since 1992. Thanks to the wide distribution network established since then, Nutek has an official representation in almost every country in Europe, which ensures the appropriate professional support for the equipment. In addition to panel handling equipment, Nutek also attaches great importance to the marking of panels. ELAS Ltd. offers Nutek's complete portfolio, ranging from simple conveyer belts to complex containers and custom-designed solutions.


Main types:


Signalling equipment

  • CO2 laser marking equipment
  • Label printing and affixing equipment
  • Code read-back station


Panel loading/filling equipment

  • Loading of mounted or unmounted printed circuit boards on the production line or removal from the line, even with the use of a magazine tray.

General convejors

  • Linking conveyors
  • Wave soldering equipment for panel and pallet handling systems
  • Control Conveyors
  • Assembly workstations
  • Telescopic conveyer belts


Storage (buffers)

  • FIFO containers
  • LIFO Buffers
  • Storage bins


Semicon series

  • Equipment designed to move semiconductor applications


Other equipment

  • Lifts
  • Panel rotating units
  • Custom-built Conveyor Systems


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