YRM20 – P & F

Premium productivity and flexibility


Whether it is high mix or high volume production, our answer is YRM20. Renewed and improved user interface, production preparation and transition support. Premium quality, focused on productivity.


For production with high speed requirements, we recommend the RM Rotary head created by the combination of YSM and Σ technologies, with which the equipment can reach speeds of up to 115,000 CPH with high-speed feeder support. The RM head is able to transfer common parts 98% with an incredible 25um accuracy!


When we focus on the variety of parts that can be planted, we recommend the improved universal HM head, with which we can plant everything from the smallest parts to odd-shaped parts with the same precision and at an outstanding speed (98,000 CPH).


The main characteristics of the YRM20 platform:

Win 10 platform

Improved servo system

Increased planting panel size and transport speed

Clean user interface

Advanced new part detection

Nozzle level management


Of course, this type of machine, like all other Yamaha machines, is part of the One Stop Smart Solution (complete Yamaha production line) concept.