Cleaning technology - PBT Works washing equipment

Cleaning technology

PBT is one of the leading manufacturers in the industrial cleaning equipment market, with 25 years of experience and a number of highly efficient, patented technical solutions. It is thanks to these solutions and continuous, intensive development that their popularity is undiminished. Thanks to their technologies, their washing equipment is now present in various areas of electronics manufacturing worldwide and covers a particularly wide range of washing technologies.



This equipment provides high cleaning quality for medium capacity stencil or even panel washing in a fully enclosed system and compact size thanks to its synchronized high pressure spray rotors.


PBT-Works' market leading stencil and panel washing equipment with its patented linear high pressure spray in air wash drying technology ensures perfectly homogeneous and fast washing results, even when washing 2 stencils simultaneously in Twingo design.


In this washer basket machine, PBT-Works has combined spray in air washing technology with a high capacity wash bay for the high capacity wash job required for a panel or solder frame wash job.

FluxClean T

The unit automatically moves the baskets between the spray under immersion and high pressure rinsing and drying chambers, providing a unique high capacity for soldering iron, flux condensation trap or any other maintenance wash task.