Mirtec MS-11 SPI

A quality cost-effective solution


A significant proportion of defects in the manufacture of electronic products are caused by the application of solder paste. Whether the defect is blurring, little, missing or excess paste, offset printing or any paste-related defect that could affect the quality of your product down the line, the Mirtec MS-11 SPI machine will find it. Its advanced imaging system, using Dual Moire technology, produces shadow-free information about the product to be processed, which is immediately evaluated by a powerful image processing unit running in the background. Its outstanding speed guarantees that there will never be a bottleneck on the production line.


The equipment is simple to build, requires no engineering skills to program, and is cost-effective.


With our supported closed-loop system, we have the possibility to transfer the results measured by Mirtec or their extracts to the Paste printer or SMT implantation machines, automatically maintaining high quality production.