YRM20 - New extension

Premium, high efficiency, modular SMT planter


Yamaha will launch the YRM20, equipped with the most innovative technologies, from April 2020. With speed and capability similar to its predecessor, it will serve the High Mix and High Volume markets.


With its newly developed Rotary planting head (combining YSM & Σ technologies) and high-speed feeders, it is capable of speeds up to 115,000 CPH. This head can plant through 98% of commonly occurring parts with an incredible 25um accuracy.

For cases where the requirement is to plant the remaining 2% component type, we recommend the improved universal HM head, which allows high-speed planting with the same accuracy and 98000 CPH.


In addition to the features listed above, the new platform has new features such as:


Win 10 platform

Improved servo system

Increased planting panel size and transport speed

Clean GUI

Advanced new part detection

Improved nozzle management


Of course, this machine, like all Yamaha machines, is part of the Total Line Solution concept.