Sigma G5S2 / F8S

Premium modular planter


Yamaha completes its portfolio with the Sigma series, developed in Japan but formerly known as Hitachi. Similar to the YSM20R, it is designed for high mix and/or high volume production without compromise. It is recommended for product scale production where a large number of valuable and complex parts need to be produced in the shortest possible time, even with a lot of changeovers. Both heads of the two-beam system are capable of picking up parts from either side, automatically changing nozzles and operating simultaneously at speeds up to 90000 CPH for the G5S2. In terms of part sizes, it can seat special designs from 0201mm up to 72 x 72mm or 150x26mm with up to 25um accuracy.


High-speed production is serviced in the background by a combination of SL Feeders (SuperLoading), Line Balance software, Auto Setup and ACV (Setup Verification). These are used to eliminate inefficiencies due to micro stops.