Service / Support

In an increasingly competitive market, the value of support services has increased alongside the technical parameters of the equipment. At ELAS, we also provide full support for the machines we sell, such as technical advice, service or spare parts. In addition to equipment support, we also use our more than 20 years of experience to share knowledge with our partners on processes and technologies that are advancing in the industry, whether it is project implementation advice or even technical seminars.



Our services:


Equipment support:

  • 7/24 hotline
  • Internet telehelp
  • On-the-spot support
  • Weekday, during normal working hours, start troubleshooting within 6 hours*
  • Start troubleshooting outside normal working hours within 12 hours*

* For our contracted partners



Spare parts supply:

  • Managing the supply of spare parts for supported equipment in both normal and emergency cases.
  • Provision of fast-selling and other parts and products from our own warehouse, even with immediate delivery.



Technological advice

  • Existing process analyses
  • Investigating the causes of faulty production
  • Pre-investment guidance
  • Joint consultations before the introduction of new technology
  • Application support for the equipment we sell
  • Periodic seminars, technology days