VGStudio and VGStudio MAX

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-The new version 3.4 has arrived


In today's world, the demands placed on industry's products are increasingly diverse and challenging. In many cases, they can no longer be tested using classical methods, or only with reduced efficiency. For this reason, more advanced non-destructive testing methods, such as 3D X-ray inspection, are increasingly coming to the fore.

The high resolution GE-Phoenix industrial 3D CTWe offer the VGStudio software family developed by market leader Volume graphics for our X-ray equipment.

With VGStudio software, you can perform state-of-the-art studies on models created with CT or other 3D data formats (point cloud, surface model, CAD):


-Coordinate measurements in the total sample volume

-Material structure tests (porosity, composite tests, etc.)

-CAD model comparison

-Final element simulations on scanned real samples (mechanical stresses, thermal, electrical conductivity, etc.)

-Reporting results in the appropriate format



Thanks to its modular design, VGStudio MAX software can be customised to meet the needs of customers, regardless of the CT equipment they have. The technology is successfully used in industrial, medical, archaeological, materials research and many other fields.