In-System Programming

Multiwriter™ PPS (ISP)

When it comes to component programming (ISP), programming time, reliability and, last but not least, price are important considerations! It is with these needs in mind that CheckSum has developed its award-winning patent-pending technology, the Multiwriter™ PPS solution for in-circuit part programming. The technology is the only way in the world to achieve quality, speed, return on investment and safety at the same time.


Quality - stable, reliable product intake and contact. Short signal line, noise-free programming
Speed - the programming time for the entire panel is the same as for a small product
Payback - productivity increases in proportion to programming speed
Security - the data to be programmed is encrypted on a HASP key and can be accessed from the Fixture.


The equipment/product is primarily designed for productions where the panel is composed of at least 4 products (minipanels). The technology allows the equipment to program a maximum of 384 parts, 16 different part types, simultaneously, by writing into each part even its unique identification information. This programming solution is available not only on its own, but also integrated into Checksum's own circuit test equipment.