Automatic placement

FRITSCH placeALL® automatic transplanters

Flexible family of automatic transplanters for any complex product

The FRITSCH placeALL® platform is a flexible, high-precision and cost-effective SMD component insertion solution for prototyping and small to medium series production. The placement machine family uses the same software for setup and production. Fritsch has focused on short changeover times during development, made possible by the barcode-supported kit and modular design. This allows the machines to be upgraded with all options even later on site.

The big advantage of the Fritsch placeALL planters is that they can handle up to 178 feeders (8 or 12 mm wide) and can also be used to plant tray or bulk parts. The range of parts handled is wide: from the smallest 0201 chips to Fine Pitch 70 × 70 mm parts and 0.3 mm pitch BGAs, µBGAs, CSPs, QFNs and custom parts such as connectors, ThT LEDs with outlets can be implanted. The placeALL equipment is available in single or dual implant head configurations for faster implantation speeds. The pick & place machines can handle solder paste and SMT glue heads at the same time, so that the whole SMT process up to reflow soldering can be performed by the machine without stencils, flexibly but accurately. To complete the production, the Fritsch portfolio also includes batch or inline small batch reflow furnace is.

The machines are available with different workspaces, with the XL model handling PCBs up to 910 x 760 mm, for example for LED applications. The inserters are available as offline stations or inline models.