Technology and Process Training

At ELAS, we believe it is important to provide the right knowledge to go with our equipment. Our training is not just about the use of our machines, but also about the details and challenges of specific manufacturing or testing technologies and processes.

The training will focus on the theoretical and practical knowledge of each manufacturing technology topic and the use of this knowledge in the
we focus on conveying the relationships between. Throughout the lessons, students will be introduced to a range of case studies and practical knowledge
to share, drawing on the experience gained by ELAS professionals over more than a decade and a half. This knowledge can be put into practice the very next day. The training courses can be held in ELAS' training rooms or on the customer's premises on request.




- Hand soldering
- Machine soldering: reflow , wave and selective soldering
- Stencil printing technology
- Dispensing technology (solder paste, one- and two-component adhesives)
- Handling and storage of handling moisture-sensitive materials (MSL)
- Conformal coating application technologies
- Electronics testing (AOI, X-ray, Flying probe, ICT and ISP)
- X-ray technology and CT reconstruction
- Thermal profiling and soldering machine capability measurements

Selective Soldering - Selective Soldering Academy - SSA Hungary

Licensed by ELAS from the Chicago-based Selective Soldering Academy, this 3-day, hands-on, hands-on, selective soldering training course covers real-world selective soldering tasks, independent of the selective soldering equipment manufacturer, theory and practice. Training topics range from soldering basics to solving the most challenging soldering problems. The aim is to deepen the participants' existing knowledge of selective soldering and even to build on it.

The key element of the practical part of the selective soldering training is the SSA training panel, which is a multilayer circuit board containing the most difficult selective soldering challenges and tasks of today. The panel has been developed in collaboration with a number of manufacturers and soldering experts to simulate both the most common and the most difficult selective soldering challenges. Through the educational panel, participants will gain valuable, detailed knowledge of panel design guidelines, the difficulties posed by high heat dissipation surfaces, component boundaries and the soldering aids used, which can be overcome with well-chosen programming and soldering techniques.

Examples of soldering tasks



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