Intelligent Process Monitoring System


From OvenSENTINEL™ ECD's latest development for users of SMT production technology. Much more than a conventional furnace monitoring system. OvenSENTINEL is flexibly expandable and supports the achievement of excellent product quality through continuous process monitoring. The system scans the process at the level of in-process zone temperatures, printed circuit board and heat profile specification, ensures isolation of problems and allows data analysis to maximise the number of products that are sure to be good! For process specialists, with a customisable query interface, OvenSENTINEL provides the ability to detect what may seem like small defects. Analysis of macro data is a powerful aid for trend analysis and corrective interventions.


Thanks to the patented TrueProfile™ technology, the movement of PCBs and their impact on the furnace can be tracked in real time. The OvenSENTINEL operation is completely different and orders of magnitude more efficient than conventional systems, which scan the temperatures measured in the equipment at the inlet and outlet positions of the panel furnace and from this, assume a thermal profile for the product soldering process. Unlike other solutions, OvenSENTINEL not only examines temperature and convection speed, but also all elements of the reflow process that may be affected.