Takaya APT-1400F

Single-side test equipment

Takaya APT-1400F, shown on this page, is the technology and market leader in moving needle solutions. The flying probe technology is used in a wide range of applications. The technology is mainly preferred for the inspection of small and medium volume products. This includes prototype production, first product testing and product testing where panel test points are not available. Other examples of applications include, but are not limited to, products where revisions are frequent at changeover; complex products where test coverage is more important than test speed; new product arrivals where there is no time to wait for the needle bed to be manufactured; complex, complex products as an additional test; complex products where the cost of manufacturing the needle bed is very high and its long-term reliability is in doubt.


Since the measurement is carried out by moving needles, the use of a gauge clamp or needle bed becomes unnecessary. The measurement procedure is stored in the test software, so products manufactured decades ago can be easily tested without the need to create a new needle bed or program.