Smart Visual Inspection


To date, the inspection of finished or semi-finished products in small and medium-scale production has been carried out by visual inspection. Automated solutions are essential to reduce human resources while ensuring a reliable high level of quality. In the case of large batch production, a customized inspection system can easily be included in the price of the product, but in the case of automated inspection of small batches, this quality improvement measure has not always paid off. So far!


A Kitov Systems KITOV ONE is a robotic arm-mounted automatic product inspection solution that can be operated and programmed by anyone without any robotics or optics knowledge.


The power of KITOV ONE comes from Robotics, 3D Vision, Data Analytics, and last but not least, applied AI. The test program is created with the help of a wizard, the analysis of the parts under test is performed by built-in algorithms, and the evaluation and fine-tuning of errors is performed by artificial intelligence, or Deep Learning.


Typical defects to look for: existence, screws, surface, inscription, character, ports, etc.