Reflow Soldering Hatchery


Electrovert OmniMax / OmniES

Thanks to the new IsoThermal heating zones, Electrovert reheating furnaces produce extremely precise heat transfer. Combined with the rail heating option, DeltaT of up to 1.5 °C can be achieved over the full 508 mm furnace width. The OmniES sub-type also offers an economical solution for projects with smaller investment budgets.


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Main features

  • Robust conveyer design
  • Software-controlled convection per zone
  • Low deltaT
  • Up to 20% lower energy consumption compared to previous equipment
  • ES design, economical cost-effective version with active top-side and passive bottom-side convection
  • Made in USA

        Isothermal heating zone design - minimum deltaT


  • 5, 7 (+2) or 10 (+3) zones
  • 2685 mm or 3855 mm heated length
  • Closed circuit cooling zones for nitrogen soldering
  • Oxygen analyser with automatic nitrogen flow control
  • Bottom cooling zone
  • Two-track design
  • Parkable central support system
  • Innovative flux draining system

Dual lane and Intelligent Flux Control (IFC) options