Yamaha YSi-X inline X-ray

In electronics manufacturing technology, full-scale inspection is already essential in places where visual inspection is not applicable, such as BGA bonding or solder air leakage. The Yamaha YSi-X inline X-ray (AXI) machine is designed for just such tasks. It is suitable for 2D or 3D X-ray inspections and can also be used in hybrid (AOXI) mode with optical measurements. It is the perfect solution for 100% product inspection for automotive or other products requiring high reliability.


  • 100% 2D or 3D inline X-ray examination
  • Laminography principle of operation (planar CT)
  • AOXI option optical, infrared and laser altitude measurement
  • Can be fitted with 2 types of detectors:
  • Type HB: Long life, high speed
  • Type HD: High speed
  • Pipe voltage: 130 kV
  • Testable panel size:
  • L 560 × W 460 mm to L 100 × W 50 mm
  • Top overhang 40 mm, bottom overhang 80 mm
  • Resolution: up to 3 microns
  • Maximum field of view: 62 x 78 mm
  • Maximum inspection speed: 0.56 sec/view (2D)
  • Dimensions: l × w × h 1720 x 1883 x 1705 mm
  • Weight: 2900 kg
  • Power supply: 3~ 400 V, 50/60 Hz, CEE 16 A
  • P-TOOL SW package for offline program writing
  • Auto Program loading by barcode
  • QA option, result feedback


Yamaha YSi-X

2D or 3D X-ray analysis quickly and accurately.