VGC10 Vacuum Gripper


The VGC10 electric compact vacuum gripper has unlimited customization possibilities. With its variable suction cup settings, it can be used for almost any application. The VGC10 is smaller than the VG10, so it can expand your automation capabilities in tighter environments. With half the weight of the VG10 but the same payload capacity, the VGC10 can move small objects of varying shapes and weights, even at the end of a smaller robotic arm. The VGC10 has two separately controlled air ducts, allowing it to act as a dual gripper during a pick and place operation. This further increases efficiency and reduces cycle time. With no need for a compressor or air supply, the compact electric gripper is easy to move and, thanks to its simple programming, can be quickly and easily moved to a new workstation for even greater production flexibility.

  • Customization on a simple interface
  • Variable suction cup settings and possibility to add/remove levers
  • It also fits the needs of highly specific applications. Cost-effective, can handle a wide range of objects.
  • Dual gripper function, channels A and B can be programmed separately - better robot utilisation, shorter cycle times, higher performance
  • Built-in electric vacuum
  • No external air supply needed


Possible areas of application:


  • Packing, palletising
  • Recording and depositing


Can be used on the following products:


  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • metal
  • glossy packaging materials
  • Unlimited customisability

    The small and lightweight gripper is the perfect solution for tight spaces, while being able to move objects weighing up to 15 kg


VGC10 vacuum gripper

Compact, highly customizable electric vacuum gripper for all your needs