musashi me5000 controller

Manual dispensers

Economical hand dispensers

In many cases, the batching process cannot be automated due to the complexity of the task, low quantities or budget constraints. In such cases, Musashi manual dispensers are an economical yet accurate solution. These units can be used on any simple manual workstation for gluing, marking, sealing, dispensing solder paste or heat conductive material. Musashi offers both manually accessible and digitally programmable models.

The manual dispensers Our Musashi dispensing needles become a complete solution!


  • For general bonding applications for any assembly industry
  • For manual dosing with finger or foot switch
  • From tube or with valve
  • Bonding, sealing, marking and greasing
  • Manually and digitally adjustable models
  • We can handle tubes, cans or bottles
  • MT410 peristartic pump for precision dispensing of instant adhesives
  • MS-1 entry-level model

  • ML-5000 dispenser

  • MT410 Dispenser

    Peristartic dispenser for instant adhesives.

  • KiraraMaster

    Dispenser with implantation pipette for decorative applications

  • Dispensing needles

    We provide our own dispenser for any job


Manual dispensers

Cost-effective manual dispensers for a wide range of applications

Kirara Master

Dispensing vacuum pipette ideal for gluing and implantation