Production technology training

The ELAS philosophy is to offer our customers expertise alongside our equipment. The emphasis of the training is on the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge and the interrelationships between the different topics of production technology. During the training sessions, students will be provided with a wide range of case studies and practical experience, drawing on the experience gained by ELAS professionals over more than a decade and a half. This knowledge can be put into practice the very next day. The training sessions can be held in ELAS classrooms or on the customer's premises on request.

Our themes:

  • Stencil printing technology
  • Dispensing technology (solder paste, one- and two-component adhesives)
  • General soldering technology, reflow , wave and selective soldering
  • Manual soldering
  • Process for handling moisture-sensitive materials
  • Undercoating application technologies
  • Electronics testing (AOI, X-ray, Flying probe, ICT and ISP)
  • X-ray technology and CT reconstruction
  • Thermal Profiling

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