Glenbrook 90T 2D X-ray machine

Glenbrook Technologies Inc. is a US-based developer and manufacturer of small and medium-sized 2D X-ray equipment for real-time inspection. These machines are suitable for the inspection of electronic components, assemblies and single or multilayer printed circuit boards. The JewelBox 90T is a practical and economical solution for small volume manufacturers and electronics repair companies.

  • Closed X-ray tube
  • Pipe voltage 90kV
  • Magnification: 7-2000X
  • Focus spot: 5 um
  • 5-axis movement
  • Maximum testable sample size: 762 mm x 787.4 mm x 660.4mm
  • Electronic assemblies, medical devices or even preclinical research samples can be tested
  • American made


Applications, Glenbrook equipment

Jewelbox training video

X-ray video: BGA reflow

Option: pre-programmed movement

Available option (even retrofit) for Glenbrook 70T and 90T