OnRobot Gecko

Gecko SP1/SP3/SP5


The Gecko single disc (SP) gripper brings the innovative Gecko gripper technology to smaller space-intensive applications that could not previously be automated. The Gecko-inspired gripping technology provides a precise, traceless grip, even on perforated objects such as printed circuit boards, as well as glossy surfaces, while eliminating the need for a cleaning process. The three different Gecko single-disc grippers (SP1, SP3 and SP5), named after their load capacity in kilograms, are compatible with all leading small robots and cobots. The compact, single disc design allows the workpiece to be easily gripped, even in tighter work areas. With no electronics or air supply required, Gecko SP is a cost-effective, true plug-and-play solution. It integrates seamlessly with your robot of choice.

  • Special adhesion technology - No need for external air supply, electricity or programming
  • Traceless grip - Even high gloss surfaces don't need cleaning
  • Unique technology for picking up and depositing flat, smooth and perforated objects
  • Handles printed circuit boards, aluminium mesh or cylinder head gaskets with ease
  • Compact, lightweight gripper for space-saving applications

Possible areas of application:


  • Packing, palletising
  • Recording and depositing


Can be used on the following products:


  • printed circuit boards
  • metal
  • Glass
  • packaging materials
  • Three sizes three payloads

    The three different Gecko Single Pad grippers (SP1, SP2 and SP3) are available in different capacities.


Compact, non-marking grip

The Gecko-inspired adhesive technology offers precise, trace-free adhesion, even on perforated elements such as circuit boards or glossy surfaces, without the need for a cleaning process.