TR-3 console

Our turnkey Checksum Offline ICT solution available

TR-3-Console is a lower-priced US-made Checksum ICT device with outstanding test speed and extremely simple programmability. This model is the most widely used in the industry, the GR2270 with industry standard interface, is compatible with vacuum needle beds.


In terms of its application, it is recommended for general MDA testing in addition to simpler functional test requirements as opposed to unnecessarily expensive "big iron". It is recommended for testing small to medium size or complexity products in medium to high volume production. The vacuum filling process used provides operator-friendly, repeatable and reliable contact with the UUT (Unit Under Test).


In addition to the console version, the test electronics used in the TR-3 are also available in an OEM version, which can be integrated into your own test system.


For testing products with less than 400 test points, we recommend our desktop mechanical test clamps (TR-5-400QC)
For products with complex or high test scores, we recommend our Inline or Offline Pneumatic Inserts test systems (Analyst ils)

  • Console superstructure
  • Simple graphical user interface
  • Built-in Windows Help
  • Easy programming, debug and SPC
  • Capable of holding a vacuum needle bed (max. 1500 test points)
  • Guardolt measurements
  • Integrated Power-on test
  • TestJet technology
  • SW updates
  • Equipment dimensions: 750 x 610 x 1040 mm (W x H x D),
  • 102 kg
  • Boundary scan
  • Programmable power supply (PS-UUT)
  • 2. vacuum port
  • Pneumatic valve
  • Checksum main screen