The 3FG15 is ideal for a wide range of cylindrical objects in machine tool applications such as CNC lathes. Thanks to its gripper design, it automatically aligns workpieces in the centre for quick set-up and provides a strong, stable grip and precise positioning. With a load capacity of up to fifteen kilograms, the 3FG15 can compete with larger, bulkier and much less versatile finger grippers. Like other OnRobot grippers, the 3FG15 offers seamless integration with any robot.

  • Precise, stable grip at 3 points of contact
  • The gripper centralises the workpiece and can be quickly and easily adapted to multiple processes
  • Customizable, interchangeable fingertips
  • Flexible handling of a wide range of part sizes and shapes
  • High grip and payload capacity - can handle objects up to 150 mm in diameter and 15 kg in weight
  • Cost effective - 1 gripper can be used for multiple part sizes

Possible areas of application:


  • Packing, palletising
  • Recording & depositing
  • Machine service


Can be used on the following products:


  • Plastic
  • metal
  • packaging materials
  • fa

    The fingertips of the gripper can be customised.


Three-finger grab with 15 kg payload

The gripper design automatically centres the workpiece, resulting in a fast, strong, stable grip and accurate placement. With a payload of up to 15 kg, the 3FG15 can compete with larger and less flexible grippers.