Automatic, high-pressure cleaning system for cleaning stencils, misprints and even densely mounted panels. Drastically reduced cleaning agent consumption thanks to the innovative design of the cleaning chamber, nozzle system, suction and mist extraction system. Patented washing arm design and high-pressure nozzle system ensure extremely high cleaning quality with short cycle times.

Washing jobs:Stencil and mounted PCB


Key features:

      • High pressure spray in air technology
      • Patented linear washing technology, homogeneous washing results
      • Separated liquid treatment circuits for minimum cross-contamination
      • Extremely low detergent consumption
      • Easy maintenance
      • Heatable cleaning fluid max. 60°C
      • Heatable rinsing liquid max. 45°C
      • Drying temperature max. 120°C
      • Industrial PC control, easy washing program writing
      • 3 levels of mechanical solvent filtration
      • 4 levels of integrated ion exchange water treatment
      • Controlled parameters
      • Cleaning time
      • Cleaning temperature
      • Warm air drying time
      • Rinse water quality setting


Typical cycle times:

  • Stencil 10 minutes
  • Mounted panel 20 minutes

Linear washing and drying technology; Easy loading


Pull-out drawer tanks and pumps for easy maintenance


Configurable separated liquid circuits: wash + rinse - Swash II ; wash + pre-rinse + final rinse Swash III; cascade system ; wash + pre-rinse + final rinse + distilled water feed Swash IV.


  • Multiple configurations (wash - rinse and wash - pre-rinse - final rinse)
  • Double washer framed Twingo configuration
  • Connectivity to an external water source
  • Zero Drain, no run-off operability in the production area
  • Detergent concentration measurement - Zestron eye
  • Unique product clamping solutions
  • Varied stencil and product capture solution
  • Extra extraction fan
  • Lighting tower
  • Stencil and product barcode scanning for traceability
  • Ceramic products (DCB) also for washing