Cleaning products - Microcare



MicroCare's products in the US are cleaning agents specially developed for the electronics industry. The range includes solvents for solvent removal, auxiliary materials for circuit repair tasks and chemicals for machine and component cleaning.


Panel cleaning, flux removal

Panel cleaning, flux removal

  • Lead-free flux removal - PowerClean
  • "No Clean" flux removal - VeriClean
  • Resin flux removal - SuprClean
  • Water-based flux removal - ProClean
  • For strong ionic flux removal with strong ionic activator Polar Flux Remover
  • Detergent soaked lint-free wipes
  • Cleaning sticks
  • ESD-safe Trigger grip® pressure relief desktop adapter for economical and effective working

Panel repair, disassembly

  • Panel repair, rewinding
  • Contact Repair Solvent - Universal ContaClean
  • Freezer spray - Freeze
  • High purity compressed air - Blast

Label removal

Panel cleaning, flux removal

  • Tidy Pen label remover pen

For maintenance

  • For maintenance
  • Reflow Oven Cleaner - Reflow Oven Cleaner
  • Hot paste for cleaning - Aqueous Cleaner

Trigger Grip - attachable pressure reducing adatper for efficient and economical PCB cleaning; Tidy Pen - label removal quickly, easily and economically


Microcare Stickler range - for optical applications

  • Cleaning optical connectors
  • Cleaning fibre optics
  • Cleaning of other optical components, lenses