Are you looking for a quick solution for circuit testing of products? You are at the right place! With our own APT1400 test equipment manufactured by Takaya in Japan, we are able to create a circuit (ICT) test program for products of any complexity in a short period of time, and then test small and medium series quantities on site. Are you already a Takaya user? If so, we will be happy to prepare the test program for you even onsite [...]
All E-Lab equipment and machines from our suppliers are available for hire by prior arrangement, whatever the technology. Hiring is the ideal solution to quickly solve temporary capacity shortages. Find out more about E-lab equipment here! Click here to make an appointment!

At ELAS, we also provide close support for the machines we sell, whether it's technical advice, service or spare parts. In addition to equipment support, we also share with our partners our 15 years of experience in industry-advancing processes and technologies, from project implementation advice or technical seminars.

The 3-day course, licensed by ELAS from the Selective Soldering Academy in Chicago, is a comprehensive theoretical and practical training course covering real-world selective soldering tasks. Topics range from an overview of soldering fundamentals to solving the most challenging soldering problems. The aim is to deepen the participants' knowledge of selective soldering and even to [...]

The ELAS philosophy is to offer our customers expertise alongside our equipment. The emphasis of the training is on the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge and the interrelationships between the different topics of production technology. During the training, students will be provided with a wide range of case studies and practical experience, drawing on the experience gained over more than a decade and a half by ELAS [...]

A high level of technical expertise and experience is required to troubleshoot or adjust complex manufacturing or testing equipment distributed by ELAS. That is why our company is available through a 7/24-hour hotline and support email account for urgent troubleshooting, technical advice or any other customer requirement. Our company maintains a stock of hundreds of spare parts for consumable, wear and [...]

Our primary goal is to provide an opportunity to present the technologies we recommend live and in operation to our partners. That is why we have a lot of equipment available in our demo lab in Budapest so that our partners can try it out in their real applications. We plan to hold high-level technological demonstrations and production technology courses on the demo machines in the ELAS laboratory. We would also like to provide the possibility for certain types of machines [...]