speed|scan CT64

Fully automated high speed industrial inline CT for quality control and optimization of production.
The equipment is based on a rotating unit from GE medical, which carries both the X-ray tube and the special detector. This rotating unit has been further developed together with a special sample transfer conveyer to create the Inline CT solution.
Combining this system with a robot, the speed scan CT 64 can provide up to 100% CT inspection in production.

-140 kV 72 kW closed X-ray tube with rotating anode
-Line detector with 64 channels of data processing
-Advanced motion system for precise sample movement
-Fully automated sample dispensing with robotic arm
-Test time of up to 15 seconds for an aluminium cylinder head
-Unified sample control, up to several production lines can be served at the same time

-140 kV 72 kW closed X-ray tube with rotating anode
-Max detection capability 300 µm
-Max sample size: 600 mm diameter, 900 mm length
-Maximum scan diameter 500 mm
-Maximum sample weight 50 kg
-Equipment dimensions: 2500 mm x 4000 mm x 25000 mm 13000 kg 

-Sample movement by robotic arm for greater flexibility and automation

  • Speedscan CT 64

  • Gantry

  • sampling with robotic arm

  • slides


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Speedscan CT64